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How to improve the effect of wipers?
1. Do not expose to the sun for a long time
Under the scorching sun, the temperature of the front windshield gradually increases, and the high temperature has a great impact on the rubber products, accelerating the aging of the rear wiper and reducing the service life.
If there is really no shady parking space, the wipers can be erected.
2. Clean up before use
The mud, sand and dust raised on the road or the fallen leaves parked under the trees often get stuck on the rubber strip. If the rubber strip is not cleaned before use, it will easily cause wear and tear to the rubber strip.
Moreover, the wiper drives the mud and sand to slide on the glass, and also scratches the glass.
3. Spray water before use
Be sure to spray water before scraping, scrape after the glass is wet enough, and use glass water.
Because some raised mud, sand and dust on the glass will cause deformation of the rubber strip if it is not softened with glass water first.
4. Use special wipers
Many car owners use detergent mixed with water as wiper water for convenience. Although the cleaning ability is good, it will accelerate the aging of the rubber strip.
The wiper water must choose high-quality automotive professional glass cleaning water, which can effectively clean a variety of stains and has low damage to the wiper strip.
5. Remember to clean the strips when washing the car
The stains on the rubber strip should also be cleaned frequently, and the long-term accumulation will cause the rubber strip to be corroded, deformed, and aged.
6. Do not use the car in case of heavy rain
In the event of heavy rain, the excessive amount of wiper will cause a lot of load on the wiper and the motor. In addition, if the scraping is not clear, it will greatly affect the driving safety. It is recommended not to use the car during heavy rain.

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