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China universal wiper blades manufacturers and Custom Wiper Arms Suppliers

,Ningbo Xinhai Aido Automobile Wiper Blade Manu. Co., Ltd. , the annual sales of Aido wiper come up to the number of 100 million. Ranking first in the market of Chinese Mainland, the universal wiper blades and other wipers carry out the production standard by German and Japan, using advanced cutting technology in the world, with strong hydrophobicity and high-definition; the surface of the wiper blade and wiper arm rubber strips can adopt different treatment according to customers’ needs....
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Ningbo Xinhai Aido Automobile Wiper Blade Manu. Co., Ltd.


First suplier in the mainland market

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Trace of wiper blades-which stands for the industry of wiper blades

Rainbow after rain-which can bring us peace, quietness, and happiness. Peace is the state every driver should keep; Quietness stands for the characteristic of lower noise of Aiduo wiper blade; and happiness is the feeling of users who use Aiduo wiper blade.

A protective umbrella-which symbolizes Aido keeps security and escorts for every person and every family. It will easily cause the recognition of the public.


How to deal with the sound of car wipers scraping the glass?

1. Stop the wiper in the middle position, that is, after the car is turned off, pull the wiper contr...



How to tell if car wipers should be replaced?

1. Pull up the wiper and touch the wiper rubber after cleaning with your fingers to check whether th...



Are coated wipers useful?

1. Super-coated silicone wipers designed for safe driving Driving in the rain, especially on the hig...



How to maintain car wiper blades?

Regular inspection: The method of checking the flat wiper is very simple, spray some cleaning fluid,...



How to choose car wipers and types and materials

1. Types of wipers: At present, there are two types of wipers on the market: bone wipers and bonele...



Welding principle of automobile wiper relay

The utility model relates to an automobile rear wiper intermittent device capable of controlling the...



What should I do if the boneless wiper makes abnormal noise when wiping the rain?

Reasons for abnormal sound of boneless wipers 1. The windshield is large, and the wiper strip needs...



Brief introduction and replacement of wiper blades

1. Design principle The classic wiper is divided into two structures: a bone wiper and a boneless wi...



What to pay attention to when using wipers in rainy days?

1. Don't rush to open the rear wiper when it's raining. If the water on the windshield is insufficie...



How to classify car wipers

1. Bone wipers and boneless wipers Bone wiper means that the keel of the hybrid wiper can be seen fr...



Car wiper maintenance tips

1. When using classic wiper to remove dust on the surface of the windshield on sunny days, be sure t...



How often to change car wipers?

Wiper, also known as wiper, water dial, wiper or windshield flat wiper, is a device used to wipe off...



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