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Based on the advantages of home-made wiper and mature production technology from 14 years, Ningbo Xinhai Aido Automobile Wiper Blade Manu. Co., Ltd. completely independent design and develop the Wholesale Natural Rubber Wiper Blades by modern mechanics, aerodynamics, acoustics, optics and the self-design ability.The annual sales of Aido wiper come up to the number of 100 million.rankeing first in the the market of Chinese Mainland, our wholesale natural rubber wiper blades carry out the production standard by German and Japan, using advanced cutting technology in the world, with strong hydrophobicity and high-definition; the surface of the wiper blade rubber strips can adopt different treatment according to customers’needs; Products available to VW Germany, CBA and 280 global service enterprises.

As famous China Natural Rubber Wiper Blades Manufacturers and OEM Rear Wipers factory, has the international-advanced automatic equipment for production and testing, which reduce the labor intensity and delivery time and enhance the labor productivity. In addition, Xinhai Aiduo is an ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949 certified division of quality company.

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Rear wiper knowledge expansion and extension

Apply to more than 95% of vehicle models
Rear wipers are wipers that are located on the back window of a vehicle, typically found on station wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, and minivans. They are used to clear rain, snow, and other debris from the back window to improve visibility while driving. Some vehicles have a switch or lever inside the car that can be used to turn the rear wipers on and off, while others may have a separate control for the rear wipers on the dashboard. Some vehicles also have a delay setting for the rear wipers, which allows the wipers to continue wiping for a short time after the control has been turned off.
Some features that may be available with rear wipers include:
Intermittent wiping: This allows the wipers to wipe at regular intervals, rather than continuously.
Delay setting: This allows the wipers to continue wiping for a short time after the control has been turned off.
Speed control: Some vehicles allow the wiping speed of the rear wipers to be adjusted.
Automatic operation: Some vehicles have sensors that can detect when the back window is wet and will activate the rear wipers automatically.
Rear washer fluid: Many vehicles have a separate washer fluid reservoir for the rear wipers, which can be used to spray a cleaning solution onto the back window to help clear away dirt and debris.
Again, the specific features available with your rear wipers will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. You can check your owner's manual or ask a mechanic for more information.

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