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Glass water is good for protecting car wipers
Natural rubber wiper blade should be familiar to everyone. Its effect is not only as simple as wiping the glass of the car, but it can effectively increase the safety factor of the car in rainy weather. So for car wipers, what products can be used for a good match? Of course glass water.
Glass water, referred to as window cleaning fluid, is a product that is widely used in the automotive maintenance industry at present. Its main function is to clean the windows and increase the finish of the windows. When the car owner feels that the transparency of the glass on the car has deteriorated, do not use the wiper to clean it directly, because there are many granular gray layers on the window at this time, and the window is dry, which will cause great damage to the car wiper. So what should be done at this time to minimize the damage to the wiper of the car?
The glass water should be sprayed a few times before starting the car wiper, where the glass water can be added to the car wiper system in advance. This not only has a bright line of sight, but also protects the window glass from damage, which is a very practical skill.
In addition, some car owners will choose to make DIY glass water by themselves, that is, simply add detergent or washing powder to the water, etc. The editor does not recommend doing this, because these substances are all alkaline, which is very harmful to wiper rubber. It has a certain degree of corrosiveness. Long-term use will harden the wiper strip of the car, thereby scratching the window, which is not worth the loss.

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