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How to classify car wipers
1. Bone wipers and boneless wipers
Bone wiper means that the keel of the hybrid wiper can be seen from the outside. Boneless wiper does not really have a keel, but the keel is wrapped in rubber strips and cannot be seen by people. Boneless wipers rely on a whole guide strip to disperse the pressure, so that the force of each part of the blade is even, which can reduce the generation of water marks and scratches, and achieve better scraping effect.

2. Classification according to the working method of wipers
There are currently two types of wipers: one is the traditional intermittent type, which is adjusted by the driver according to the rain and line of sight conditions.
Another type of wiper is an inductive automatic wiper, which is currently mostly used in high-end cars in China.
With the advancement of technology, more and more models are equipped with rain-sensing automatic wipers. This new type of wiper can greatly improve the convenience and safety of driving in rainy days. It was originally only equipped on high-end cars, and is currently developing from high-end cars to mid-range cars.

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