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Car wiper maintenance tips
1. When using classic wiper to remove dust on the surface of the windshield on sunny days, be sure to spray glass water instead of dry scraping.
2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, which should be cleaned by hand. These things can easily damage the wiper blades, resulting in unclean wipers. In severe cases, the wiper motor will also be affected.
3. When you need to lift the wiper blade for car washing and daily cleaning, you should hold the "back" of the wiper blade, and gently send it back when you put it. Do not bounce the wiper blade back with a snap.
4. When using in winter, the ice slag on the surface of the windshield should be cleaned with an ice shovel first, so as not to increase the burden of the wiper.
5. If the dirt on the wiper is difficult to clean or there is a problem with the wiper itself, it is best to find a professional to repair it as soon as possible.

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