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What to pay attention to when using wipers in rainy days?
1. Don't rush to open the rear wiper when it's raining. If the water on the windshield is insufficient, the wiper is equivalent to dry wiping. If you want to use the wiper when the rain is insufficient, you must use the glass water to ensure that there is enough water to moisten the wiper.
2. It is best to use the second gear and scrape back and forth continuously. When it is raining or just starting to rain, the intermittent mode is often selected. At this time, once the glass is splashed with mud, a blurred pattern may be scraped directly, and the vision will be blocked, which may easily lead to accidents.

3. It depends on the situation when the rain is heavy. When the rain outside the car becomes heavy, we need to adjust the wiper frequency appropriately. If the rain is so heavy that the wipers are unable to keep up with the rhythm, slow down, find a safe area to stop if necessary, and wait for the rain to decrease before starting.
4. Don't rush to turn off the wipers when the rain stops. Because while driving in rainy days, it is also necessary to prevent mud spots and accumulated water from other vehicles.

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