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How to maintain car wiper blades?
Regular inspection: The method of checking the flat wiper is very simple, spray some cleaning fluid, then start the wiper, pay attention to whether its movement is smooth, and pay attention to whether there is a loud "scraping" sound, if there is, it means the wiper Excessive pressure on the glass must be made at this time. After the wiper has been swept one or two times, see if there is any moisture left on the windshield, and at the same time observe if there will be some scratches. If it is obvious, it means that the wiper strip on the wiper has Aging, should be replaced with new tape.
Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun can prolong the service life of the wipers. One thing that drivers should be very careful about: When sand and dust are found on the glass, they often only turn on the wipers to sweep away the sand, which is very important. Wrong, in fact, doing so will greatly damage the wiper strip and the car glass. So before opening, you might as well spray a little cleaning solution, of course, manual cleaning is better. When maintaining wipers, you should also pay attention to maintaining the water spray system of the car: add neutral, decontamination, and lubricating cleaning agents; poor cleaning fluids will corrode the water spray system, wipers and car finish. Fill the water in time to avoid no-load of the water jet motor.
Keep away from oil stains: Because there are oil stains on the glass, the water traces are easy to condense into water droplets after contact with water. In the same way, if the windshield of the car or the wiper accidentally touches the oil stain, it will not wipe the rainwater cleanly. Although the wiper is placed on the windshield, it is easy for people to turn a blind eye during daily maintenance. If oil stains are found on the glass, it is best to wipe the wiper strip and glass with glass cleaning fluid when washing the car.

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