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How to choose car wipers and types and materials
1. Types of wipers:
At present, there are two types of wipers on the market: bone wipers and boneless wipers. Under normal circumstances, even the same brand of boneless wipers is twice or even several times more expensive than the boneless wipers. Why does this happen? What about the difference? Where is the boneless wiper better?
The working principle of the bone wiper is to press the wiper blade on the glass through several fulcrums on the skeleton. The pressure on each supporting point on the wiper blade is the same, so the degree of wear of the wiper is similar. This has a disadvantage, it is easy to cause noise between the wiper and the glass, and it is not easy to clean the glass;
As the name suggests, the boneless wiper is composed of wiper rubber strip, boneless wiper steel sheet, wiper sheath and plastic parts. It can be seen that the boneless wiper is guided by a steel strip, which makes the entire wiper strip stress. Very average, which can increase the compliance between the wiper and the glass, reduce noise, and scrape the glass more cleanly;
2. The material of the wiper
The material of the wiper is very important. The material of the strip is related to the degree of compliance between the strip and the glass, the durability of the strip, whether it will damage the glass, etc. Therefore, when choosing a wiper, the material is more expensive than the price. Important, you get what you pay for, do you want to choose a wiper that can be used for one or two years or a wiper that only lasts one or two months?
Collecting the advantages of various boneless wipers, in addition to improving the design technology, the integrated guide strip made of German steel strips evenly disperses the pressure, making the wiper strip fit the glass, and the rubber strip made of Malaysian rubber fits closely. Light and silent, no noise, and very durable;
The coated natural rubber wiper blade is a kind of nano-coating technology, the silicone rubber strip physically releases the silicon polymer, fills the glass micro-holes, makes the glass smoother, and quickly and lastingly forms an invisible water-resistant film on the windshield, so that the rain Falling on the windshield naturally forms water droplets, which is different from the commonly used wipers now;

3. Maintenance of wipers
After the wiper is selected, don't you need to worry about it? This is not the case. If it is not properly maintained, the lifespan will not be as long. How should we use the wiper correctly?
When you do not scrape the glass, you must use glass water, and choose a good glass water, which can soften the rubber strip and prolong the life of the wiper;
This kind of rainproof agent can be used in rainy days. The main function is to form a waterproof film on the surface of the glass, so that the friction between the rainwater and the glass becomes smaller, and the rainwater cannot adhere to the surface of the glass, but forms a waterproof film. The water droplets fall off quickly, allowing the front windshield to restore a clear view, and at the same time reducing the use of wipers, serving multiple purposes;

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