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Special Car Wiper with Metal Frame Custom

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Special Car Wiper with Metal Frame

Ttem: AD-304

OEM quality with frameless wiper.natural rubber with spring steel backing , Side Lock Type With Plastic Backing.For VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN,For TOYOTA AD-304

Size: 28''(700mm)

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Products Description

Test List


Standard (Methods)


Initial Wiper

Temperature: 20°C± 15°C
Humidity: 65°C± 20°C
Water temperature: Less than 38°C
After 10 cycles up and down, Min.8 point

SAE J903 C
After 10 cycles up and down and judge after 3 sec.
Wipe grade must be above min 8 point


Durability Test

Temperature: 20°C± 15°C
Humidity: 65°C± 20°C
Water temperature: Less than 38°C
After 500,000 cycles up and down, 
Min.5~6 point

SAE J903 C
Continuous wipe 500,000 cycles up and down and judge after 3 sec.
Wipe grade must be above min 5~6


Corrosion Test

Concentration of Salt Water: 5°C± 1°C
Temperature: 35°C± 2°C
Test Time (Hours): Follow
Customer request

SAE J 2334 (KSD 9502)
It must be no red rust on the surface

(126 Hr) 
No Rust

Ozone Test

Concentration of Ozone: 50ppmh
Temperature: 35°C± 2°C
Stretch rate: 20%
Test Time (Hours): 72 hours

SAE J903 C
(Section 2.1 or ASTM D518)
It must be no crack on the surface after testing

No Crack

More details:

Special Car Wiper With Metal Frame is a wiper tool specially designed for the car's front windshield. Its main feature is the use of a strong and durable metal frame. Metal frames are stronger than plastic and can withstand greater external pressure and extrusion. When driving at high speed and encountering strong winds, the metal frame can better maintain the stability of the wiper blade and is not easily deformed or damaged. The metal frame is heavier than the plastic frame and can provide greater pressure and contact area, allowing the wiper blade to fit better with the windshield, thereby better removing water stains, rainwater and other impurities. This can improve the driver's field of vision and reduce the hidden dangers of driving in rainy days. The metal framed special car wipers are also equipped with high-quality rubber blades. These blades have excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, and can closely adhere to the windshield surface, effectively removing rain, snow and dirt, and maintaining clear driving vision.

Company Profile

As a professional China Special Car Wiper with Metal Frame suppliers and ODM Special Car Wiper with Metal Frame factory, Based on the advantages of home-made wiper and mature production technology from 14 years, we completely independent design and develop the Special Car Wiper with Metal Frame by modern mechanics, aerodynamics, acoustics, optics and the self-design ability. products have superior quality and elegant appearance.

We have the international-advanced automatic equipment for production and testing, which reduce the labor intensity and delivery time and enhance the labor productivity. In addition, Xinhai Aiduo is an ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949 certified division of quality company.

Professionalism and Passion Team

Here we have a great team with inclusive combinations of marketing managers, technical engineers, production managers, quality control managers, and more.

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