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Understand the function of the rear wiper and what are the common problems?
The function of the rear wiper in a vehicle is to clear the rear windshield of debris, moisture, snow, and other obstructions to maintain visibility for the driver. It operates similarly to the front windshield wiper but is specifically designed for the rear window.
The common problems that can occur with rear wipers include:
1.Worn or Damaged Wiper Blade: Over time, the wiper blade can wear out, become torn, or develop cracks. This can result in streaking, incomplete clearing, or noisy operation. Regular inspection and replacement of worn wiper blades are necessary to ensure proper functionality.
2.Poor Cleaning Performance: Rear wipers may face difficulties in effectively clearing debris, dirt, or water from the rear windshield. This can be due to issues such as insufficient pressure from the wiper arm, clogged or blocked nozzles, or inadequate wiper fluid. These issues can result in reduced visibility and compromised safety.
3.Wiper Arm Alignment Issues: The wiper arm that holds the wiper blade can sometimes become misaligned or loose. This can lead to erratic movement, skipping, or improper contact with the windshield. Correct alignment and tightening of the wiper arm are necessary to maintain smooth and consistent operation.
4.Motor Malfunction: The rear wiper motor, responsible for powering the movement of the wiper arm and blade, can experience issues. Motor failure, electrical problems, or worn-out motor brushes can result in the rear wiper not moving or operating intermittently. A malfunctioning motor may require repair or replacement.
5.Nozzle Blockage: Rear wipers often have washer nozzles that spray wiper fluid onto the rear windshield for better cleaning. These nozzles can become clogged or blocked, preventing the fluid from properly reaching the windshield. Regular cleaning or unclogging of the nozzles is necessary to maintain effective wiper fluid distribution.
6.Wiring or Electrical Problems: Wiring issues, loose connections, or electrical faults can impact the rear wiper's functionality. These problems can cause the wiper to malfunction or stop working altogether. Proper diagnosis and repair of electrical issues are required to restore the rear wiper's operation.
7.Environmental Factors: Harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, exposure to sunlight, or exposure to chemicals can affect the performance and lifespan of rear wipers. These factors can lead to deterioration, cracking, or damage to the wiper blade, arm, or motor.
Regular inspection, maintenance, and addressing problems promptly are crucial for keeping the rear wiper in good working condition. If you encounter persistent issues with your rear wiper, it is advisable to consult a rear wiper Factory technician for diagnosis and repairs.

Ttem: AD-705
Saddle type for,wide 21mm,23mm,25mm,27mm,with stainless steel backing for train,truck,bus and ship.For FORD FUCAS AD-705
Size: 32''(800mm)

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