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The sound of metal wipers working: a key clue to determine when to replace them
As an important accessory of the car, metal wipers play a key role in clearing water droplets on the windshield and keeping the driver's vision clear when driving on rainy days. However, over time, metal wipers may develop problems due to wear or aging, and changes in the working sound often become an important clue for us to judge whether they need to be replaced.

When the metal wipers make a squeaking or beating sound when working, this often indicates some problems. This unusual sound may be caused by uneven friction between the wipers and windshield. As the wiper rubber strip wears, the contact surface between it and the windshield may become uneven, causing a harsh noise when wiping. In addition, a loose wiper bracket may also cause a beating sound, which will also affect the wiping effect of the wiper.

Faced with this situation, we cannot take it lightly. Abnormal working sounds not only affect driving comfort, but more importantly, it may mean that the cleaning effect of the wipers has been greatly reduced. If you continue to use such wipers, not only will it not be able to effectively remove water droplets on the windshield, it may also increase the wear of the wipers and even cause scratches on the windshield.

Therefore, when the metal wipers make a harsh noise or beating sound when working, we need to consider replacing the wipers with new ones. Choosing the right wiper should not only consider its size and fit with the windshield, but also pay attention to its material and manufacturing process. High-quality metal wipers should be wear-resistant, durable, and have good wiping effect, ensuring clear vision when driving on rainy days.

The process of replacing metal wipers is relatively simple, but it also requires certain skills and precautions. Before replacing, we need to understand the type and size of the vehicle's wipers to ensure that we purchase the appropriate wipers. When replacing, follow the instructions or the guidance of professionals to ensure correct and firm installation.

In short, the working sound of metal wipers is an important clue for us to judge whether they need to be replaced. When we find that the wipers make abnormal sounds when working, we should check them promptly and consider replacing them with new wipers to ensure safe and comfortable driving on rainy days.

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