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Special wipers are designed to provide better contact with the windshield
Special wipers, often referred to as "beam" or "flat blade" wipers, are designed to provide better contact with the windshield compared to traditional frame-style wipers. These wipers have several advantages:
Aerodynamic Design: Special wipers have a sleek, flat design that reduces wind lift and noise at high speeds. This aerodynamic design helps maintain consistent pressure on the windshield, improving contact and wiping performance.
Even Pressure Distribution: Traditional frame-style wipers can sometimes apply uneven pressure on the windshield due to their multiple pressure points. Special wipers distribute pressure evenly across the entire length of the blade, which helps prevent streaks and missed spots.
Improved Visibility: Because of their consistent contact with the windshield, special wipers can provide better visibility in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sleet.
Durability: Special wipers are often made with high-quality materials like rubber compounds that resist damage from UV rays, extreme temperatures, and environmental factors. This increased durability can lead to longer-lasting wiper blades.
Sleek Appearance: These wipers have a modern, low-profile appearance that enhances the aesthetics of a vehicle, giving it a more contemporary look.
Compatibility: Special wipers are designed to fit a wide range of vehicle makes and models, making them a popular choice for many drivers.
It's important to note that while special wipers offer these advantages, they may also be more expensive than traditional frame-style wipers. However, many drivers find the improved performance and longevity of special wipers to be worth the investment, especially in regions with frequent and varied weather conditions. Regular maintenance and replacement of wiper blades are essential for ensuring optimal visibility and safety while driving.

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